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There is something incredibly peaceful and alluring about a property adorned with healthy, lush trees. These green giants add a touch of nature’s charm and significantly preserve the air quality. With our Rocha Tree Services tree service in Atlanta, GA, your landscape can thrive at its full potential, maintaining the natural integrity of your property.

Tree Service

Our Services

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Hey, ever thought your tree needed a rad makeover? We’re here to amp up the health and vibe of your tree. With tree trimming expert hands and a passion for green, we choose which branches to let go, ensuring your tree stands tall, reduces those lurking risks, and keeps nasty diseases at bay.
Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Trees gone rogue? Fear not! With our epic tree removal service, we’ll tackle those overgrown rebels and give your property its mojo back. Packing the latest gear and the slickest methods, no tree is too big or too tricky for us. Because hey, sometimes, trees need an eviction notice, especially if they’re causing chaos or just not feeling too sprightly.”
Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

When a tree is cut down, the remaining stump can be an unsightly nuisance. Bam! And the stump’s gone, vanished, disappeared! Our grinding service turns your space into a smooth haven. And guess what? It’s not just about the looks; we’re also making sure you won’t have unexpected guests like annoying critters or a sprouting stump.
Tree Topping

Tree Topping

Tree topping refers to the removal of the top portion of a tree. It’s a practice we use sparingly, as it can stress a tree and make it more vulnerable to disease or decay. However, when necessary, such as for safety reasons or to control the height and spread of a tree, our team uses the most effective and least harmful methods of tree topping.


Pruning is one of the essential tree care services. It involves selective branch removal primarily to improve tree health and increase light penetration into the tree’s crown or onto the landscape below. We prune with passion to keep them looking great, bid adieu to those sickly bits, boost their blooming game, and make sure they’re not dropping branches like unexpected plot twists.
Debris Cleaning

Debris Cleaning

Our debris cleaning service includes collecting and disposing of waste generated during tree management activities. This could be twigs, branches, leaves, sawdust, or whole trees. Our team ensures the work site is thoroughly cleaned after each operation, enhancing your property’s overall appearance and safety.

Complete Tree Care Solutions by Rocha Tree Services – Your Trusted Arborists in Atlanta, GA. Call (770) 430-1022 Now!

Benefits of our services:

Our services offer a plethora of benefits. Firstly, a regular, reliable tree service helps detect diseases or pests early, thus saving the tree from further damage. Boosting the life-span of your green buddies, our method adds that zesty twist to your landscape’s health. Plus, with our tree-snipping magic, those naughty overgrown or lifeless twigs? Gone, reducing any sneaky risks they might pose. This preventive measure can save you from potential property damage or personal injury.

Our work process

Our complete tree care package isn’t just a box of tricks – it’s a full-blown carnival, each service a ride, making sure your trees are having the time of their lives! With us by your side, you can rest assured knowing your trees are getting the much-needed care they deserve. We ensure to examine the minutest features- roots, soil, color, and texture crucial in detecting potential diseases or pests.

Additional Areas

The Rocha Tree Services services are available in these locations:

  • College Park, GA;
  • Fayetteville, GA;
  • North Decatur, GA;
  • Riverdale, GA;
  • Fairburn, GA;

Transform Your Trees with Expert Care from Rocha Tree Services. Call (770) 430-1022 for Premier Tree Services in Atlanta, GA!

Feel free to ask us for a detailed insight into our residential tree service. Contact us today at (770) 430-1022 in Atlanta, GA, and together, let’s build a greener, healthier world!

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I had a tree service come out to my house and do some work for me. I was really happy with the work they did. The workers were friendly, professional, and quick.

Services List

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Cut Down Topping
  • Pruning
  • Debris Cleaning